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About Joe? Where do I start? Growing up "fat Shmuel" wasn't easy. Genetics kicked in and I looked just like my father. Mentally, I learned to live and deal with being overweight, but medically, it was getting dangerous. I was then referred to Joe. Little did I know my life would change dramatically. Joe first explained to me how it is possible for me to physically loose the weight and that it goes beyond genetics. I could be thinner, I just have to work out. Joe believed in me and I started believing in myself. We looked at my situation as a goal we both had to reach. It took a lot of pressure off of me and after time, a lot of weight. Step by step I shed the weight and eventually built muscles. Sure, I changed my lifestyle. But that change gives me mental meditation, physical energy and a great social and active life. Today, I am a loving husband and a father to a wonderful little baby boy. I am confident that I will have the energy to keep up with him and the knowledge to show him what to do if he does genetically look like me.



With Joe, I learned It's never too late and its NEVER impossible.



My name is Bryan P. Correa Berger. I'm 17, and for the first time in my life, I'm in shape. 'In shape' is so clich?, I'd rather not use it after this, but it's true.  Last April, I weighed 306 pounds. The photograph I've included shows me on New Year's Eve last year, weighing about 295 pounds approximately. It was quite possibly the worst physical condition I had ever had. I had a double chin, I couldn't run or walk normally and my posture was hideous. However, I have been obese my entire life until now. I was constantly the butt of 'fat' jokes in school. I remember once, a total stranger called out while I was running, "Why don't you try losing thirty pounds? Maybe then, you'll be able to catch up." It was depression that gave me an excuse to eat and eat then I became even more depressed because I continued to eat. Five years ago, I began periods of diet and exercise, but I always failed. Either I became sick and/or I became complacent about the issue and dropped the whole thing.  Last April, it was the final straw. I had to make a choice, as Joe told me when we first met. I had to choose then, and I had to choose fast, whether I wanted to continue looking like I did or make a change.  I chose the latter. At first, it started slowly with a bit of exercise each week. Then we worked out a diet plan. "Diet is 90% of all training," he told me. My diet went from a random intake of food, to a strict, time-controlled diet.  Then it became harder. I had to concentrate on making sure I followed the diet each day. By then, I was also asked to start using the treadmill and the bicycle for half an hour.  It went faster and faster. One month, then three, and then seven.  Today, it's nearly nine months since I met Joe. Since then, I've lost over 70 pounds. For the first time in my life, I have fantastic posture and I feel beautiful. It's incredible to look at myself every now and then and see how lean I've become, and think, because of that, I can actually move again. I'm glad for my body now.  Yet it would be utterly shallow and undermining to only mention this. I learned much more than how to do a push-up. I learned about myself. I once thought, if I ever decided to exercise on my own, it would be easy to do it.  Almost entirely opposite. It is extremely difficult to switch from being a lethargic teenager to an active one. I had to sweat and strain and push myself to the limit. I had to get on that treadmill for up to an hour at a point and run until I thought I would fall over in exhaustion. It wasn't until recently I realized how much I had taken exercise and dieting for granted.  After nine months, I finally began noticing the results. I did notice the loss of weight, but now I notice how much more focused I've become. I can concentrate more powerfully when I want to do something, anything. Every time now when I exercise, when I study, even when I cook. I am fully aware of what I'm doing and am in entire control of my body and thinking. The increased concentration was something I didn't expect to gain, but I'm glad it happened.  What I was able to do with a trainer was push myself harder. I didn't have the self-discipline to exercise and diet on my own. With someone to coach me and look to, I received the extra bit of initiative I needed. He gave the count to the crunches, and then added more. He put on the plates for me then secured my hands so I wouldn't lose my grip. He yelled at me for one mistake, showed me what I did incorrectly, then yelled at me when I blatantly screwed up again. What more can be said? Nine months of diet, sweat and blood are behind me. I'm looking forward to the next seven months before I go to college. I won't be able to train with Joseph anymore; so I'll have to buckle down to get the most out of the time I have left. When I go, I'm planning on having better concentration and to keep the self discipline I've developed to keep at it.  Thanks Joe. I'm glad I know you.  .



Dear Joe,




Thank you for helping me get fit over these past few  months - there is definitely a difference between just doing the machines and exercise on my own and being guided by an expert like you. I have noticed the fat drop off and the muscle mass increase.  I think I am probably fitter than my two daughters now!







All my life I exercised regularly and watched my diet. Weight training was part of my program but my focus was on building strength and power. Of course looking good was important as being healthy. My weight was constantly at a healthy place. I was robust and healthy. I felt great! As my business life changed, so did I. Traveling meant new food and and countries and little or no time for exercise. But plenty of time for eating. Soon not training was a life style, over a period of time my weight increased, my breathing shallow, I was always tired and irritable. Sleepy most of the time and had no energy and developed adult on set diabetes.


 I was a mess!


A little over a year ago I started training and dieting again . Joseph is my trainer who started teaching me about diet and health nutrition. He started slowly and carefully with me so I would not hurt myself, This is very important to remember. It is very easy to inure ourselves even when we think we are strong. Also he incorporated resistance training and cardio exercises. Even after a year each training session is just as fresh as the very first one. The difference is I'm a new person, my strength and power has returned, my mobility and agility also. all with no injuries. my diabetes medication has been cut in half and my Doctor expects me to be off completely this year as I continue weight training and weight loss.


when you are with Josef you are the most important person in the world to him that time.    His focus is on you, not what is happening in the GYM. He observes you and teaches you what is the very best for you. He doesn't turn and chat with others and his focus is on you.


He inspires! Not only has my body changed to a stronger fit one but my perception of myself as well. I'm not trying to recapture myself of twenty years ago, I am working with Josef in developing my body to be the best healthy one for me at my age. For me there is no way all of this could have been done alone.


I believe working with Josef was the smartest decision for my health I could have done!



Thanks , Josef.





Hiring Josef as my personal trainer for various sessions was the best investment I could have made.  I was very impressed with his extensive knowledge of the muscles in the human body and the proper nutrition required for weight loss and to build muscle.  I felt comfortable knowing that the workouts I was performing were going to result in changes to my body.  I appreciated his honesty when he advised me that my goals were not going to be obtained overnight and that it would take a lot of hard work on my part.  I also appreciated his toughness when I was not following his advice on the proper nutrition.


One of my main criteria in hiring a trainer was choosing someone who was fit, and when I met Josef I knew that he was perfect for the job.  He himself being in good shape made me comfortable knowing that if I followed his instructions, I too could be in good shape.  It also made me feel confident that he himself performed the same the exercises that I was expected to complete.


 Since I began training with Josef I have lost 4 inches off my waist and roughly 50 pounds.  I now have a 35 inch waist and weigh 200 pounds.  More importantly I have regained my self confidence.  Training with Josef went beyond the 2 hours a week we trained together.  His workouts forced me to train on my own so that I could be prepared for what was coming at the next training session.


I would highly recommend Josef Weinstein to anyone considering hiring a personal trainer.  There will be no regret and it will be worth every penny.  Guaranteed!




I have been weight training and consulting with Josef for 9 months, and in that time I have lost the weight that I have been battling for ten years. They say it’s all in the jeans and since I’ve worked with Josef I’ve gone down 4 sizes.


 I'm in better shape, stronger, healthier, less stressed and I look better than I did at 25! Josef always has an answer to my many (annoying) questions and keeps my workout schedule innovative and fun and pushes me positively towards my goals.


I cannot recommend him enough!



Janis (NYC





My name is Frank Zhang, I have been working with Joe for almost a year now and have experienced a tremendous improvement in my overall health. Joe is professional, knowledgeable, and has a lot of experience as a personal trainer. He is very dedicated to his clients and his discpline is motivating. He has built a personal regimen that works for me. His sessions are always fun and dynamic, never boring. Through his guidance and instructions, I am now much more aware of my diet and exercise habits. Now my exercise routine includes both cardio and strength training exercises. Within just a few months, I feel a lot better physically. I recently went for my physical check up and was more than delighted, although not particularly suprised, to learn that my health conditions has improved in every area. I am very happy to have embarked on this journey and am very excited to continue on this road to better health!   Thanks Joe!


My Husband and I dont really have weight problems, but my husband just turned 40, and I am 26 and just moved here from Costa Rica.

So my husband wants to be healthy and I want to lose a few pounds and feel more healthy too, but we were not able to motivate each other, so we interviewed a lot of trainers and as soon as we met Josef, we knew he was the right fit for us.


He has created focused workouts individually for us, helped us with our diets, and motivates us to workout on our own, in addition to our training sessions.


He has always been extremely professional and always puts our goals as the focus, and creates interesting and always different workout sessions so we do not get bored, and constantly workout our muscles in different and unique ways that we would never have thought of ourselves.


Now in only a few months, we notice complete changes in our muscle tone, the fit of our clothes, and most importantly feeling much better and more healthy!  And now Josef has become not just a trainer, but a friend, and we look forward to our workouts every week.


 Thanks again Josef!






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