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The Fit1on1 Story


I have spent a good portion of my life at the gym, getting an education in fitness and working in the industry for over 15 years. One can imagine how happy I was to finally see an increase in fitness awareness within the past years. The word was out and fitness was in. But, my passion for fitness and knowledge about the industry would not let me be blind to all that was happening around the world in health and fitness. With that increase in came all the false advertisements and amateurs calling themselves “fitness experts” from a one-course certification.


 I have seen too many people spend precious time working out. Their hearts and minds are in it, but they simply lack the specialized education and end up not getting the results they want and deserve. Then there are the people with the classic excuses… no time, too fat, too skinny, no motivation, I can never change my body, too old.  Or the one that gets to me the most -- the people that work out with an unprofessional trainer and risk injury / decreased results / frustration.


For the same reason you hire professional and qualified doctors, contractors, auto mechanics, music instructors that spend their time /energy / career becoming specialized and knowledgeable in one field, you need a qualified personal trainer.


 For these reasons, I created fit1on1 and have been training over 1000 people of all ages & fitness levels helping them get fit, healthier and happier.


 To you, working out may be something you do before or after work, to me, it IS my work. It is my responsibility to guide, motivate, educate and get educated on the latest, safest, and most effective ways to maximize your workout. Your fitness goals become my own. Together we work to achieve them, the right way.


 I believe in diversity and challenge but you must have your foundation before your moldings.  A tailored program for you may begin with the more practical exercises that fit your age, body, fitness level and goals.  It is about getting results the right way and requires 100% effort from both myself and you.


Please, don't get discouraged by people using the fitness craze for profit. Do your research. I am not only willing but encourage you to email me any questions you may have about my education, experience or the industry.



Isn't time for you to get Fit1on1?



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