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Fit1on1 Community Wellness Program


This program is designed to provide & manage  a certified personal training program for the residents of your community.



How Does It Work?



• Josef Weinstein, founder/owner of Fit1on1, will consult with management on a strategy  that will increase services available in its fitness room.


• A customized program for the specific community will be created.


• Fit1on1 will design a fitness billboard for the fitness room with information about the training programs, along with health & fitness articles; instructions on how to use the gym equipment and other useful materials.

Management will announce the new program to its residents via e-mail, brochures, newsletters and/or other means.


• Fit1on1 will work closely with management to oversee the training program.



Why Us?


Flexibility is the key element of the Fit1on1 program. Through a consultation, Fit1on1 will implement a unique program impeccably tailored for your community, based on many factors including residents needs and fitness facility..



 What this means for you?


•  Zero cost to management

•  Zero liability to management

•  Help increase the value of the property

•  Promote an additional incentive to residents

•  Create a safer workout environment

•  Increased bottom line

•  Cutting edge training program


In this fast pace and dynamic realty market it is important to create an  edge that will increase value to communities and help property management companies to remain a head of the curve.

Fit1on1, a leader in the Fitness industry, can take you there.


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